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Accurate Accounting Services - 61 Windfield Gardens, Knocknacarra, Galway

Let us manage the accounts so you can manage your business. We offer a Total Solution for your business . From Set Up, Monthly Accounts, Tax and Payroll all the way to Year End there is no job too big or small. Our Total Solution starts at €199 a month. You will not need to hire bookkeeping staff or spend hours doing your own accounts. We will take care of everything.

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Offer Rating Photo Product Name Offer Description Discount Recession Offer Rate Offer
Image 1 Total Solution 1 month Free One month of full accounting services for free (Conditions Apply) Was:
Now: €0.00
100% Off
Until 08/03/2011
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Accurate Accounting Services Recession Offers in Galway offers great deals with special offers in Accountants in Galway.