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Darren Mullane School Of Motoring Cork - 79 Ash Mount Court Tivoil Cork

Darren Mullane School Of Mototing a Friendly and Professional Driving School in Cork City Darren was one of the first registered ADI (Approved Driving Instructor) with the RSA (Road Safety Authority) in Cork.Darren is an extremely patient, experienced and qualified Instructor whose aim is to provide each pupil with the highest possible standards of tuition, within a safe, friendly, enjoyable and stress free environment.95 per cent of Darrens business comes from word of mouth referral from within his student’s networks of families and friends. Once students have experienced the different atmosphere and style of instruction that Darren creates within his lessons, they have no problem recommending him to others.Pre-Test Specialists: Pre-Test Specialists: Darren Mullane School Of Motoring specialise in polishing your driving skills with the use of focused pre-tests to maximise your confidence and preparation.

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