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Appearance Matters - 6 Cogan's Cottages, Ballinlough, Cork

We offer a full range of beauty treatments including facials, waxing, electrolysis, non-surgical facelifting, make-up, spray tanning, tinting, as well as a full hairdressing and barbers service, indian head massage, reflexology, manicure, pedicures. Appearance Matters caters for both men and women.

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Recession Offers for Appearance Matters in Cork:
Category: Beauty Salons
Offer Rating Photo Product Name Offer Description Discount Recession Offer Rate Offer
Image 1 New Years' Incredible value! All Facials 1/2 price on mondays and tuesdays. Remember we are open til 8pm these days Was:
Now: €22.50
50% Off
Until 12/02/2011
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Appearance Matters Recession Offers in Cork offers great deals with special offers in Beauty Salons in Cork.