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Dawn Meadow Bed And Breakfast - Relaghbeg Bailieborough County Cavan

An ideal holiday retreat. The accommodation enjoys a very lovely location and offers a good standard of accommodation at a modest price.  Ideal base for exploring both north and south of the border . Nearby enjoy fishing in one of Cavan’s many lakes. Book a horse riding lesson. Relax around the many walking treks or take in the stunning sunsets and get away from it all

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Recession Offers for Dawn Meadow Bed And Breakfast in Bailieborough:
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Offer Rating Photo Product Name Offer Description Discount Recession Offer Rate Offer
Image 1 Specials no online booking fees. prices start from 30 euro per person sharing per night Was:
Now: €30.00
14% Off
Until 29/09/2011
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Dawn Meadow Bed And Breakfast Recession Offers in Bailieborough offers great deals with special offers in Bed and Breakfasts in Bailieborough.