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Lulabelles Nail & Beauty Swords - Manor Mall, Swords, Co. Dublin

At Lulabelles our qualified make-up artists, specialise in bridal, Debs and special occasions make-up. We stock SLA Makeup and Germaine De Capuccini Skin Care products. Our Beauty Salon offers many high standard services, from waxing, tinting, dermabrasion, specialised facials and spray tanning Nail and Beauty Bar in Swords Dublin - Spray Tan, Waxing, Nail extensions and refills, Facials, Specialised Waxing Brazilian and Hollywood, Make up

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Recession Offers for Lulabelles Nail & Beauty Swords in Swords:
Category: Beauty Salons
Offer Rating Photo Product Name Offer Description Discount Recession Offer Rate Offer
Image 1 Pampered Little Princess Mini Facial, Skin Care Advise, Eyebrow Shape, File and Polish Was:
Now: €40.00
33% Off
Until 28/10/2011
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Lulabelles Nail & Beauty Swords Recession Offers in Swords offers great deals with special offers in Beauty Salons in Swords.